Why 100w Chinese Laser Cutter is widely respected by merchants

Laser cutting with 100w chinese laser cutter at home and in the office has never been easier. This affordable technology has provided a powerful impetus for countless home businesses, and for both beginners and experienced manufacturers, it may be a gateway to monetizable handicrafts. In the following article, you will learn more about 100w chinese laser cutter summary.

This article covers a beginner-friendly 100w chinese laser cutter that will guide you through this method. Before you invest, share everything you want to know about the technology. In the metal processing industry, 100w chinese laser cutter is becoming more and more popular. We believe that many investors of laser machine are interested in 100w chinese laser cutter. That is the mainstream application field of fiber laser cutting machine in industry. So that they can better develop their own laser business.

We have summarized some background information about 100w chinese laser cutter for your reference below.

It started as a decoration company.

Thanks to the high-speed cutting and multi-functional cutting of the 100w chinese laser cutter, the powerful 100w chinese laser cutter can easily handle a large number of complex graphics. The cutting result won the favor of decoration companies. When a customer orders a special design, after we make the CAD engineering drawings, we usually cut out acceptable materials directly. Therefore, customization does not matter.

Second, the automotive industry

Many metal parts of cars, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, brakes, etc. It is precisely processed by 100w chinese laser cutter system. Compared with standard metal cutting techniques such as plasma cutting, 100w chinese laser cutter can ensure excellent accuracy and work efficiency. Moreover, it greatly improves the performance and safety of auto parts.

Third, the advertising business

Due to the large number of customized projects in the advertising industry, traditional manufacturing methods are obviously inefficient. For the industry, 100w chinese laser cutter is very suitable. The system will create high-quality laser-cut metal products for advertising, regardless of model.

Fourth, the kitchenware company

Nowadays, there is a greater demand for the planning and application of kitchenware. Therefore, in the world, kitchen-related products have a broad market. 100w chinese laser cutter is very suitable for cutting thin chrome steel with fast speed, high precision, strong impact force and smooth surface. And often achieve tailor-made personalized product creation.

Five, industrial lighting

At present, mainstream outdoor lights are made of large metal tubes, which are cut by a 100w chinese laser cutter. The traditional cutting method is not only inferior in performance, but also impossible to achieve customized services. Then, the fiber laser metal plate and pipe cutting machine can play an ideal laser solution to correctly solve this problem.

Sixth. Processing with plates

In the modern metal processing industry, a 100w chinese laser cutter for processing metal plates and pipes has been developed. In this field, people increasingly need accuracy and efficiency. According to customer feedback, Feiyue fiber laser cutting machine has shown reliable and efficient cutting efficiency.

Seventh. fitness equipments

In recent years, public fitness equipment and residential fitness equipment have developed rapidly, and in the long run, the demand is particularly strong. Nowadays, the laser cutting technology of 100w chinese laser cutter has been developing vigorously in the production of fitness equipment.

Eighth Furniture Supplies

As we all know, the sofa plays a vital role in people’s lifestyle. It provides us with a comfortable resting place. The sofa is made by 100w chinese laser cutter. First of all, this is a solid structure. Since the processing area of ​​the 100w chinese laser cutter is 1500*3000mm, it must be equipped with a solid welding structure, servo or stepper motor, which can not only consolidate the body, but also ensure the stability of the machine. In the fast feed operation, it runs smoothly.

Secondly, the 100w chinese laser cutter for leather sofa has a flexible configuration. In order to meet the processing needs of various materials, the standard laser head of the machine of 80-130W is usually selected. The laser cutting system can save 128 offline files, which is very convenient for customers to operate. The 100w chinese laser cutter is used for fabric sofas and needs to meet industry-specific standards. Sofas are now very important for every family. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the tailoring of sofa fabrics. The sofa 100w chinese laser cutter can solve this problem and develop the sofa industry rapidly.

Generally speaking, 100w chinese laser cutter is enough to cut leather and fabric. However, if users want better results, such as higher precision and faster speed, we do not recommend you to use 150w chinese laser cutter. We can even provide a machine with two heads according to the requirements of consumers.

All in all, the use of 100w chinese laser cutter to form leather or fabric sofa will become the number one trend in the Chinese and foreign markets. In order to be consistent with the market direction, major companies have now developed various 100w chinese laser cutters, such as Nonmetal auto-focus chinese laser cutter and engraving machine, and CNC laser cutting paper, acrylic, leather and other non-metallic materials.

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