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Most of the graphics and printing that you simply see on the clothes are done through the screen printing process, which is done on the vevor screen printing press. In order to make high-quality graphics that can be easily transferred to paper or clothes, you need a good vevor screen printing press. The question is, which vevor screen printing press would you choose?

The vevor screen printing press is achieved through the following process, which involves applying thick ink on the top of the clothes instead of dipping the ink into the clothes. Apply one color at a time, which means that each individual color in the plan requires another screen. In terms of screen printing, Vevor is one of the best brands, and the Vevor 4 Color 4 Station screen printing machine is a versatile vevor screen printing press that allows you to quickly create any number of designs. There are many versions of screen printing machines, and their size, price, and functions they perform will all change. Your top priority should be to determine what is particularly needed in the screen printing machine. The following are some things you should pay attention to in the screen printing machine:


Whenever you buy something, the first thing you usually think of is what percentage it will cost. Are you trying to find relatively cheap products to help you get started, or do you need some high-quality products? Generally, the more colors and the number of vevor screen printing presses, the higher their pricing. In addition, if your business relies on screen printing, then you will need larger, heavier models.

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You should confirm that the vevor screen printing press you purchased is durable and can extend the use time. Using vevor screen printing press is not the most cost-effective, so you have to make sure you are worth the money. Its constituent materials also determine the strength of the machine. You should try to choose a vevor screen printing press made of stainless, rust-free and powerful materials, which can make the machine durable. You should also try to confirm that the machine is safe. Ideally, you should buy a vevor screen printing press that does not contain BPA and phthalate materials.

Number of stations

How many clothes does a person prepare at a time? If you are just the beginning, then most likely you only want to do it once at a time, but what percentage do you see yourself after once? If you use one color on lighter clothes, then you probably won’t need a printing station. If you have more attempts to do, it will be very much needed. If you have something that needs to be underground, you need a workstation. If you have dark clothes to print on request, it is usually very annoying, so usually pay attention to this. It’s okay to urge you to start with smaller content and then work harder!

Number of colors

When you buy a screen printing machine, you need as many colors as possible. This may leave you with unused colors and really increase the value of the vevor screen printing press you only use. Each individual frame uses one color directly instead of one color anymore, so you should try to use a model with more frames. These types of vevor screen printing presses are usually larger and heavier than models with only one color. Smaller models also tend to consume less time, so keep this in mind. Before buying a screen printing machine, what you should do is predict the percentage of colors you will use to determine the complexity of the design you will be doing. If it is a relatively simple design, then you will only use one or two different colors to escape.

Printing area

Are you proficient in the required space? The vevor screen printing press is usually used to produce more clothes, and you will use them for larger items such as bed sheets, so naturally, you will need a larger printing area for such items. If you want to print in a larger area, you should use a larger vevor screen printing press, but be aware that this may also take up more space. You want to try the product that best suits you and the product that will provide you with the simplest print quality.


If you plan to place the machine in one place, this is not a resistance, but if you plan to maneuver around the tonnage, you can ensure that you can easily carry the machine with you, which is useful. There are a large number of machines there, which can be easily transported.


You should always check the proportion of space occupied by the purchased machine. After all, you want to make sure that there is enough space on the workstation to accommodate it! Confirm that you have measured the machine and therefore determined the area to be placed. In addition, vevor screen printing presses are usually bulky, so they must be placed on a table or work space, and sometimes even bolted to the surface. If you don’t have enough space, you should believe that by purchasing a smaller machine, you can move easily.


The machine you buy should be easy to adjust to get the simplest results. Things like trays, frame clips, and pulls should be easy to manipulate and adjust to urge your choice of clothing to achieve the simplest effect. You should be prepared to make the smallest changes without problems. You must also put the plan in the right place under the right pressure. If you can’t do this, then your design may not be as you imagined, which will disappoint you.

Easy to use

For starters, this may be the most important thing. You want an easy-to-use vevor screen printing press. Smaller screen printers are usually easy to use because there are fewer components. Do not screen printing takes a short time, so you need something that can help you find the correct way to use vevor screen printing press.


Accessories usually help a lot to create beautiful designs. Some vevor screen printing presses will come with things like frames and meshes and squeegees to help complete the planning. Other easy-to-use items include adhesives and dryers, so you should always check if the product comes with these additives.


When fixing a small business, easy installation is definitely a priority. When purchasing a vevor screen printing press, please ask the company to make sure that the machine you need comes with all the hardware needed to urge startup. Confirm that the machine is easy to install, and a detailed manual is attached. Thankfully, all the machines we reviewed were built with small businesses in mind, which means discovery should be a breeze.


Before using the selected vevor screen printing press, please make sure you have asked yourself the exact advice on using the machine. Since there are many designs that can be used for multiple purposes, asking yourself a question will increase your chances of investing in the right machine to meet all your needs. Do your best to figure out the proportions of products you will produce and how you want to use multiple colors-keep an open mind and believe in future projects.


The Vevor screen printing machine may be an ideal choice for any small business. Rugged and durable, the machine is usually used in a variety of materials, including metal, paper, ceramics, wood, glass cloth and so on.
The novel space-saving design makes this machine ideal for any small business on the move.
The all-metal structure means that the machine has anti-corrosion and waterproof properties and can be directly packaged.
Larger print area means you have the ability to execute larger projects


This model is a more compact version of the above model, is undoubtedly portable and can be installed in the trunk of a car. It is very suitable for any project that requires flat printing, such as woven fabrics, glass, ceramics, leather and paper.
Removable tray means you will print multiple images at the same time.
Can be used directly-minimum settings are required
The adjustable screen holder is frequently moved up and down to allow the screen frame to be up to 4.5 cm long
Ideal for large and small projects
Compatible with various materials, materials, metals, glass, etc.
Rust-proof and easy to clean

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