Machinery Development Trend

The situation we are facing is the globalization of the economy and the market, the fierce competition, the individualization and facilitation of demand, the diversification of relevant stakeholders, and the rapid development of science and technology. This requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future and respond quickly. Only in this way can we maintain the formed advantages and catch up with the advanced.

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Introduction to the Main Classification of Machinery

There are many types of machinery, which can be divided into various categories according to several different aspects.

According to functions, it can be divided into power machinery, material handling machinery, crushing machinery, etc.;
According to the service industry, it can be divided into agricultural machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, etc.;
According to the working principle, it can be divided into thermal machinery, fluid machinery, bionic machinery, etc.

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Main Research Fields of Machinery

Machinery is a tool device that can help people reduce the difficulty of work or save effort. Items such as chopsticks, brooms, and tweezers can be called machinery. They are simple machinery. From the point of view of structure and movement, there is no difference between mechanism and machine, which is generally called machine. The research field of machinery also includes many.

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Introduction to the Main Features of Machinery

The definition of machinery first came from mechanical engineering, which is a combination of human-made physical components, mainly using energy to achieve a specific purpose. Generally, there are movable objects in machinery.

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