machinery development trend

Machinery Development Trend

The situation we are facing is the globalization of the economy and the market, the fierce competition, the individualization and facilitation of demand, the diversification of relevant stakeholders, and the rapid development of science and technology. This requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future and respond quickly. Only in this way can we maintain the formed advantages and catch up with the advanced.

Humanistic care and sustainable development have become the concept of technological innovation in the industry. As an extension of human’s own capabilities, construction machinery has been developing together with the progress of human civilization. With the advancement of science and technology, human beings’ continuous pursuit of quality of life and emphasis on dignity have raised many new issues for the development of construction machinery. China’s construction machinery industry conforms to demand, attaches importance to strengthening the combination and integration of microelectronics technology, information technology, optoelectronic technology, new material technology, and mechanical manufacturing technology, and promotes product breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of diversification, intelligence, and greening.

Intelligentization and product specification extension shows that the application space of construction machinery products has gradually expanded with the increasing demand for the quality of life of human beings. It has moved from traditional fields such as construction, road construction, water conservancy and electricity, and mining to narrow urban construction. Sites, agricultural construction sites in mountainous and hilly areas, and operating environments in warehouses, wharves, warehouses, cabins, farmhouses, gardens, gardening, building floors, and underground engineering, as well as large and super large construction projects and mine development. Therefore, construction machinery is required to gradually extend to both ends, namely miniaturization, large-scale, and extra-large. With the continuous increase of large and super large construction machinery products, the market demand continues to grow. They have the characteristics of long development and production cycle, high technology content, and high added value. They represent the construction machinery manufacturing level of a country or an important enterprise. These products are mostly monopolized by several multinational companies in developed countries.

On the other hand, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve labor conditions, it has become a development trend to replace human labor with mechanical operations as much as possible. In order to meet the requirements of this kind of engineering operation environment, the demand for small and microengineering machinery will increase Rapid growth. Micro-products are not only subject to specific constraints on their dimensions, but also their appearance, color and other aspects of the design increasingly reflect the integration with nature and the environment and also demonstrate the humanistic care for humanity.

The second is the development of the same product from a single function to a multifunctional and flexible direction, that is, adding modular functional components on the basis of general products to achieve diversification of product functions; or through brand new modular design, manufacturing, and different modules The flexible combination between the two to achieve functional diversification, the traditional classification of construction machinery product categories will be challenged.

Engineering bulldozers should be extended to both ends of miniature, small, large, and extra-large, and develop multi-functional, multi-purpose, energy-efficient products and corresponding auxiliary function modules that meet the requirements of different working conditions such as wetlands, deserts, and bushes. Loaders should be developed for large-scale environmental protection products with large bucket capacity, large engine power, large breakout force, large tipping load, large traction force, and low exhaust gas emissions, and large environmentally friendly products that can be loaded, grabbed, side unloaded, and can be lifted, and are economical Good one-machine multi-purpose products (such as crushers).

Engineering excavators should extend the development of large hydraulic excavators, mini excavators, unmanned hydraulic excavators, remote control underwater excavators, underwater bulldozers, and underwater trenchers.

Wheeled cranes should develop multi-functional products with advanced technology, high reliability, long life, good construction quality, and high new technology content. Through the informatization and intelligence of construction machinery, it can improve the self-diagnosis and repairability of various failures of construction machinery, reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel, and improve work efficiency and project quality. In some special working conditions, such as high temperature, severe cold, high altitude, radiation, underwater, and underground, etc., it can replace the construction personnel in intelligent and high-quality construction.

The application of automatic control and remote control of the operating system, precise positioning, and control of construction, fault diagnosis, and monitoring in construction machinery will become more and more common. New construction machinery products such as loaders, excavators, road construction machinery, forklifts, concrete mixing, and transportation machinery and cranes developed by applying mechatronics technology, electronic computer technology, monitoring, and control technology, and the integration of these technologies will continue to appear.

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