In-Depth Analysis Of Mechanical Safety Equipment Of Iec 60204

In February 2020, the primary meeting to update the IEC standard was in Frankfurt. the most objective of the meeting was the drafting of an addendum to align IEC 60204-1 with EN 60204-1 of 2018.IEC released the new Standard EN 60204-1 on 13th October 2016. It gives prescriptions for the electrical equipment of machines. Its previous version dates back to 2005. the quality is that the reference for Electrical Safety of Machine Manufacturers.

In April 2020 EN 60204-1:2018 was included within the List of Harmonised Standards published within the Official Journal of the ecu Union: from 02 October 2021 the Presumption of Conformity associated with the old EN 60204-1:2006 will end and from that day 30 mA residual current breaker are going to be formally mandatory for the protection of the service sockets.IEC 60204-1 provides requirements and proposals concerning the electrical equipment of machines so on promote:

  • Safety of persons and property;
  • Consistency of control response;
  • simple operation and maintenance.
    The Standard doesn’t specify additional and special requirements which will apply to the electrical equipment of machines that:
  • Are intended to be used in open air;
  • Use, process, or produce potentially explosive material;
  • Are intended to be used in potentially explosive and/or flammable atmospheres;
  • Have special risks when producing or using certain materials;
  • Are intended to be used in mines.

IEC 60204-1 is scoped to hide the electrical equipment of machines that operate within the low-voltage range, generally accepted to be 1000 V a.c. or less, or 1500 V d.c. or less. Equipment within the scope is usually built from off-the-shelf components assembled into an appropriate electrical enclosure, with the required interconnecting wiring and mechanical supporting structures. Custom switchgear and controlgear assemblies are covered by IEC 61439-1 used with IEC 61439-2. Switchgear and controlgear assemblies are explicitly permitted for integration as a part of the electrical equipment of machines under IEC 60204-1.

The electrical equipment covered by the quality includes the switchgear and controlgear of the machine. IEC 60204 switchgear includes the facility switching components, e.g., the most disconnecting device, and breakers protecting the availability conductors and therefore the branch circuits within the machine. Controlgear includes all of the system components downstream of the switchgear, bent the ultimate point of control, but not including the machine actuators.The scope restricts the mains supply frequency to an upper limit of 200 Hz. This acts to exclude machinery built for installation on aircraft or shipboard where the availability frequency is usually 400 Hz.

Specialized machines have additional requirements found in other parts of IEC 60204, including machines that:
are intended to be used in outdoors (i.e. outside buildings or other protective structures);
use, process, or produce potentially explosive material (for example paint or sawdust);
are intended to be used in potentially explosive and/or flammable atmospheres;
have special risks when producing or using certain materials;
are intended to be used in mines;
are sewing machines, units, and systems (which are covered by IEC 60204-31);
are hoisting machines (which are covered by IEC 60204-32);
are semiconductor fabrication equipment (which are covered by IEC 60204-33).

IEC 60204 is your primary electrical standard for electrical machinery for industrial uses. Best cases are to style to the present standard and to NFPA 79, both are closely similar. If you design to those standards, and any product specific standard you’ll be 10000% more happy at the top . IF you fail to specifically design to a typical how will the equipment ever get to plug and pass testing?
I mean product for you with our conformity discovery process, you’ll learn by scoping which standards apply, and the way close your design is to those standards, saving you $100,000s of dollars and months of redesign. And what’s worse if you miss your team are going to be bummed, so will management.

Today our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel shares insights with you about IEC 60204. it’s the electrical requirements for industrial equipment. IEC 60204 has all the electrical requirements within it which will got to be included in your Design and thought of during design reviews and merchandise safety reviews in order that your industrial equipment and therefore the electrical portions of it meet the wants and may be CE marked and/or listed and labeled as needed . it’s crucial that your product and your product design process include this standard in order that at the top you’ve got a high level of confidence that your equipment will pass scrutiny…will pass evaluation and test and be listed and labeled at the top of that process.

IEC 60204 relies on a mess of additional standards to tug in specific
requirements for other hazards within your equipment…whether it’s temperature…high temperature…lasers…or other sorts of equipment and hazards. they’re going to be associated with 60204.

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