How to operate Bosch Bench Drill Pbd 40 to better suit the work

For many manufacturers, the main machine they buy may be a drill bit. This is a flexible thing that allows you to punch holes, help screw things in, and even supports various other accessories (such as brush heads) to form a set of various tasks, and these tasks use the bosch bench Drill pbd 40 is very easy to complete.

Despite the popular saying: “No one wants to drill a hole, they need a hole”, but we are almost certain that most new manufacturers think that a hole needs to be drilled, even if they just pretend that they are busy for a few minutes. , And then use it for placing shelves (or just us?). For a few, standard power tools are sufficient. Apart from others, it takes a while for them to get something substantial. Maybe they have more power, accurate depth and repeatable holes, or use larger Forstner drills than their power tools can withstand to form holes. For this reason, it is usually more suitable to use bosch bench drill pbd 40 on the carding machine.

The bosch bench drill pbd 40 can be a smaller version of the column drill. This machine bit is used to drill lightweight fabrics. The following example shows the process of a machine operator drilling a thin piece of plexiglass. The plexiglass is held safely in the vise in the hand. When drilling holes, do not hold the work directly in your hands. The on and off buttons are located on the left side of the machine, so the handle that controls the movement of the drill is in place. Most bench drilling rigs will also have a foot switch for turning off the rig.

Bosch bench drill pbd 40 has the technical characteristics of a 710-watt general-purpose motor, which can replace the classic belt drive in traditional bench drills, so it is particularly accurate and easy to use. This means that a knob is usually used to variably adjust the speed. The tedious work of tightening belts is now a thing of the past. PBD 40 is also equipped with two gears and a continuous electronic system to prevent speed drops when drilling hard materials. No-load speed is 1st / 2nd: 200 850/600 2500 rpm, the maximum drilling diameter of wood/steel: 40/13 mm. The jaw width of the chuck is 1.5 13 mm (without key), and the drilling stroke is 90 mm.


Versatility Bosch PBD 40 is flexible and can be used for furniture and model making, as well as handicrafts and restoration work. The maximum drilling depth is 40 mm for wood and 13 mm for steel. Comfortable and easy work Use the positioning wheel with Softgrip surface to lower the PBD 40 bench drill. The 710 W drive unit in the PBD 40 is installed to make the entire motor group move, because the drill bit is lowered, not just the drill bit itself, so the working height remains constant. This makes drilling effortless and can save a lot of energy.

work process

The high-performance bosch bench drill pbd 40 has two gears. First, it provides tons of power, and second, it produces high speed. The constant electronic function ensures that the bosch bench drill pbd 40 can maintain a uniform speed even when drilling holes in hard materials. LED lights can provide good lighting for the work area. The digital display bosch bench drill pbd 40 has a digital depth measurement function, that is, you can conveniently view the reached drilling depth on the alphanumeric display anytime, anywhere. The control accuracy is different from that of hand-held drills. A little bit of the bosch bench drill pbd 40 always penetrates the working material vertically. This can produce accurate drilling results and control the drilling process to repeat the drilling depth. The integrated laser is here as an auxiliary tool for drilling.


The height of the table is approximately achieved by adjusting the peak adjustment lever. When drilling, the workbench should be moved to a position fairly close to the drill bit, so that the space from the drill bit to the fabric is small. A protective cover should be used. If the fabric to be drilled breaks or shatters, this is usually the main defensive measure. Wearing goggles is the second line of defense. The bosch bench drill pbd 40 makes this job simple. Just turn the dial on the front of the machine to adjust the speed while the machine is running, which is not possible with other column drills.

It has two gears, which can be easily changed by levers on the side of the device. The 710-watt electric motor supports speeds from 200 rpm to 2500 rpm, and a continuous electronic system ensures uniform drilling speed, even when used on hard materials. Time. Another useful feature may be a drilling depth reading accurate to the millimeter. A button allows you to set the zero value (that is, the purpose of the tip of the drill touching the fabric to be drilled), so the display will show the direction in which the tip is moving up or down. If you realize that you want to drill a hole to a certain depth, it is very good, you can look at the eyeball by looking at the display, or set the built-in stopper to a specified depth.

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