construction machinery classification

Definition and Classification of Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry. In a nutshell, all the mechanical equipment necessary for comprehensive mechanized construction projects required for earthwork construction projects, road construction and maintenance, mobile hoisting and loading and unloading operations, and various construction projects are called engineering machinery.

It is mainly used in national defense construction projects, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industrial construction and production, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.

There are many types of construction machinery, which are mainly divided into:

Excavating machinery: such as single bucket excavators (which can be divided into crawler excavators and wheeled excavators), multi-bucket excavators (which can be divided into bucket wheel excavators and chain bucket excavators), multi-bucket trenching excavators Machine (also can be divided into bucket wheel trencher and bucket chain trencher), rolling excavator, milling excavator, tunnel boring machine (including shield trench machine, tunnel boring machine), etc.;
Shoveling and transporting machinery: such as bulldozers (which can be further divided into tire bulldozers and crawler bulldozers), scrapers (which can be further divided into crawler self-propelled scrapers, tire self-propelled scrapers, and drag scrapers), Loaders (also can be divided into tire loaders and crawler loaders), graders (also can be divided into self-propelled graders and drag graders), transport vehicles (also can be divided into single-axle transport vehicles and double-axle Towing trucks), flatbed trucks and dump trucks, etc.;
Lifting machinery: such as tower cranes, self-propelled cranes, mast cranes, grab cranes, etc.;
Compaction machinery: such as tire rollers, smooth wheel rollers, single foot rollers, vibratory rollers, compactors, tamping machines, etc.;
Piling machinery: such as drilling machines, diesel pile drivers, vibratory pile drivers, pile drivers, etc.;
Reinforced concrete machinery: such as concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant, concrete pump, concrete mixing truck, concrete sprayer, concrete vibrator, steel bar processing machinery, etc.;
Road machinery: such as leveling machine, ballast cleaning machine, etc.;
Rock drilling machinery: such as rock drill rigs, pneumatic rock drills, electric rock drills, internal combustion rock drills, and down-the-hole rock drills, etc.;
Other construction machinery: such as bridge erector, pneumatic tools (pneumatic tools), etc.

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