2021 high-quality conveyor: Prok Conveyor

The PROK Pty Ltd series are high-quality prok conveyor equipment with a long history dating back to 1880, producing high-quality conveyor components for local and international markets. Prok Conveyor is recognized as the most important manufacturer of high-quality conveyor products in the world, so it is the leader in the quality of conveyor equipment in this field.

What are PROK conveyor components?

prok conveyor designs and manufactures most conveyors and components used in mines, ports and other large bulk material handling plants. This is the industry standard and is recognized. PROK is the first company to introduce high-quality conveyor pulleys and idlers. We are very pleased with the continued support of Australia’s local industry and local manufacturing industry. prok conveyor has factories in Perth Australia, Newman Australia, Jakarta Indonesia, Mackay Australia, Gosford Australia, Santiago Chile, Vespasiano Brazil, Vancouver Canada, Breckenridge USA, Orlando USA, and drums and idler PROK racks The prok conveyor produced also includes the following components: focusing on performance and reliability, suitable for light, medium and heavy applications, and suitable for a full range of PROK conveyor rollers, idlers, pulleys, belt cleaners and conveyor accessories.

PROK has multiple global manufacturing plants on the west coast of Australia, east coast of Australia, Santiago, Chile, and Vespasiano, Brazil, and sales offices in Indonesia, Florida, and Breckenridge. After operating in this area for about 30 years, Prok Conveyor continues to maintain a strong influence in North America. Our base is located in Vancouver, Canada. Our design, engineering and production experience make prok conveyor stand out. The result has brought reliability and reliability to our customers. For our customers, it is our core value to make them different and become the conveyor company that customers prefer to do business with.

Our vision

Become a leader in the industry and bring great changes to our customers.
Become a conveyor company that customers prefer to do business with.

Our ability

We are a professional OEM of prok conveyor components and conveyor systems. We have production plants in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, South Africa and Brazil, and provide services to 66 countries/regions.

Our purpose

We are closely related to the success of prok conveyor’s customers and employees, and we have jointly established a long-term partnership to impress customers and generate a good return on investment. Our unique working style and culture is called NEPEAN DNA to create a competitive advantage.

Why choose prok conveyor

We are very concerned about our customers. Customer success is our favorite priority
We aspire to be better than our competitors in all aspects. We’d better be with
Our employees are the easiest experts in the industry
Our passionate employees share a standard culture of success and maintenance to make a huge difference for our customers in the future
We operate a lean organizational structure and authorize local management
Through leading engineering, manufacturing and innovation, our products and systems perform better
Our price is competitive
We invest heavily in our employees and carry out tangible innovations to reduce customers’ operating costs
We are a stable, prosperous and growing private company. Stakeholders are usually confident that we will serve you.

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